DIY Napkin Rings from Copper Wire

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Make your own DIY napkin rings to dress up your table for your next even! I use these almost every weekend to set my table with a beautiful, customized and modern tablescape. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links and images.



Create your own DIY napkin rings using copper wire and porcelain beads! You'll love this modern tablescape - click for more! #tablescape #diy #momsandcrafters


I love setting a pretty table and adding a little bling to it! For years, I’ve been creating various beaded napkin rings for different events and occasions, and I finally decided to craft a set for myself.


I FINALLY got around to it and of course, I kept it simple. I wanted something sharp, modern, and metallic to go along with my modern flatware. I love how the copper picks up the orange of the napkins (which in turn add a pop of color).


The muted blues keep it looking less like a tacky blue-orange color combination and add some subtlety.


I decided to post these DIY napkin rings on my second blog Beyond the Balagan, but wanted to share it with you here too.


Check out the full DIY napkin rings tutorial and tablescape on Beyond the Balagan!


I used a mix of large porcelain beads that I had collected over time and finally put to good use. I did not match them; I chose instead to coordinate them. I felt like this added a quirky character to the tablescape without affecting the modern touch.


I also did not attempt to match the size and shape of the copper wire rings exactly so that it can add interest as well.

I did crack a couple of beads while making this so make sure you have a few to spare!




If you haven’t yet, check out the full DIY napkin rings tutorial and tablescape on Beyond the Balagan!


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