Felt Grinch Ornament Template

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Craft a felt grinch ornament using the free template! When you’re done, give this felt holly ornament a try too. This post contains affiliate links.

Somehow, the Grinch has turned into a favorite Christmas mascot. He’s become a friendly creature who helps celebrate rather than stealing Christmas…

This adorable felt grinch was designed as an ornament but there are loads of other fun ways you can finish it off!

The template is small and designed to be stuffed with a small amount of filling. You can also make it flat and turn it into a hair tie or clip.

Leave off the ribbon and use it as a fun little softie.

You can even use it to add a little extra touch to a gift! If you do that, I’d recommend adding a ribbon hang tag so that the recipient can repurpose it as an ornament.

However you choose to craft your felt grinch, just have fun because that’s what this little creature is all about!

Download the felt grinch template

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What you need

  • If you’d like, you can glue some of the details using felt glue instead of sewing.

Assembling your felt grinch

1. Download, print, and cut out the grinch template. Choose your felt colors: Use light green felt for the base, head, and lower body, arms, chest-fur and hair. Use dark green felt for the eyebrows and nose, and red felt for the scarf. Trace and cut out each part.

2. Stitch the nose to the center of the head.

3. Stitch the eyebrows to the head as well, above the nose. Use a pen to sketch the eyes and mouth of the Grinch. Trace it with black thread using a simple split stitch.

4. Lay the hair cutout on the top of the head of the base cutout. The hair should be mostly outside the base, only overlapping it slightly on the top.

5. Place the head on the head portion of the base, keeping the hair sandwitched between the base and the head. Start sewing a blanket stitch around the perimeter.

6. Stitch along the outside to connect the head and base. Keep the bottom of the head open for stuffing. Stuff it but leave it open. Place the chest-fur along the top of the lower body.

7. Place the lower body (along with the chest-fur) on the same portion of the base, with the top slightly tucked under the open bottom of the head. Stitch the overlapping parts of the head and the lower-body. Place an arm on one side, between the base and body layers and stitch that side of the body, securing the arm.

8. Sew until you almost reach the spot for the other arm, keeping it open just enough to add some stuffing. Stuff the rest of the felt Grinch pattern through the small opening.

9. Place the 2nd arm in its place and sew the opening closed to fully secure the stuffing and to connect the arm.

10. Tie off and cut your extra thread.

11. Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon. Attach the ribbon loop to the back of the felt Grinch to complete the Grinch ornament.

Your felt grinch is complete! What will you be doing with yours? Comment below!

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