Free Printable Mother’s Day Card

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Here’s one for the mothers out there who may not have actually birthed us…. it’s a free printable mother’s day card with a beautiful quote from Robert A. Heinlein: “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation” .


Click on the link to get this free printable mother's day card that's designed special for mothers who may not be biologically related! It's also great to appreciate the "beyond pregnancy" moments from your mother, whether biological or not...


The story  behind the free printable mother’s day card: 

Many of us have a mother figure in our life who is not necessarily a birth mother. This can be someone who has provided a family and home, or simply a figure in our lives who provided us with direction. Mother’s day is the time to celebrate those too.


I also find it meaningful to add a spin to Mother’s Day that I don’t often see. Even while celebrating with birth parents, we tend to focus on our time spent in womb, nine months carrying us, and other physical relations. But the focus about celebrating our mothers is really all about what they have done. The care. The devotion. The love. That’s why this card is perfect for my mother, who birthed me and raised me, too.

free printable mother's day card


Download the free printable mother’s day card: 

Click on the image to be taken to the download file for the front and back of the card.




You can see print instructions here, and read terms of use (how you may use it) here.


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