tips for dressing your toddler for travel - traveling with toddlers

8 Tips for Dressing Your Toddler for Travel

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Dressing your toddler for travel seems uncomplicated, however there are some challenges that arise, and some ways to make things simpler. Here are some tips that can help your journey go more smoothly.


Some mom to mom wardrobe tips for convenience, safety, and fun while traveling with toddlers


These tips include essential safety guidelines, convenience, and ways to add some fun to your travel (in no particular order).

8 Tips for Dressing your Toddler for Travel:



  1. Pack layers rather than separate winter and summer outfits when traveling during transitional seasons. This allows you to go out on your day trips with an extra sweatshirt, in case nights get cold. Do this especially for plane rides, where the temperatures can be so unpredictable.
  2. Pack matching coordinates that take you across winter and summer as well, rather than separate outfits. (You can check out my review of my Zutano outfits here)
  3. Having coordinates also helps your laundry load. If your toddler dirties one part, you can change just the part that was dirtied, and not the entire outfit. This is especially true on long plane rides, where diapers are sometimes neglected (for example if there is a lot of turbulence and you can’t get up for a change).
  4. Have a few extra outfits available for long flights. Always pack two more than you think you’ll need.
  5. Have a  sun hat for every outfit, especially if traveling toward warm, sunny places. You’ll likely spend more time than usual outdoors – so do it safely.
  6. Pack comfortable for long plane rides or car rides. When you can’t do both, opt for comfort factor over cute factor. You can always change when you arrive.
  7. When traveling by car, even if it’s chilly outside, avoid puffy coats. They come in the way of the protection your car seat harness provides. Opt for layers instead, or you can wrap your toddler in a blanket when entering or exiting the car.
  8. You can make things fun by dressing your toddler in travel themed outfits. Use the opportunities to teach about vehicles and how they travel.


tips for dressing your toddler for travel - traveling with toddlers


What are your best tips for dressing your toddler for travel?

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  1. Love these ideas! I always layer my son! Not only do we mess up numerous tops (toddlers 😉 ) but he is always too hot or chilly! Layers makes it so much easier! And it never fails that whenever I dont pack extra outfits is when we end up needing them!

  2. Love these! I always forget to pack extras and that ends up resulting in a crazy, messy trip to the store after a diaper explosion or big spill. We travel a lot long distances and from warm weather to cold and back. Having layers is great because the temps are changing so you can add or take away clothing and a little less clothing in the car with just a blanket on is helpful as the car tends to get warmer or chillier to combat the outside weather.

  3. I like packing for comfort with my child, nice comfy fabric and a little loose clothing always works for me, and I love fun bright colors.

  4. I am one who over packs for the little ones. But in the end it really is not hard to believe a child can through a couple outfits a day! Great tips.

  5. I just love the old time bonnets. They are harder to find especially in the bigger sizes but they work wonders to help keep the sun off thiier lil heads.

  6. Great tips, I tend to over pack. You can never be too prepared when it comes to packing when traveling with your little ones.

  7. My favorite tip is dressing in layers. We live in South Florida and while it is typically warm outside, there are some places where it is very cool inside. I also think it is a good idea to have a hat handy to help protect toddlers from the sun.

  8. I think i always over-pack my bag when i take my toddler out of the house, regardless of traveling distance lol… doesn’t matter if i’m going to the local store, or a weekend trip to family. I’ve learned that if I bring less extra clothes, i always end up needing more lol. Toddlers are very unpredictable about how many outfits they wear per day lol.

  9. Have a sunhat for every outfit. This tip is a good one and something people do not do anymore. When my daughter was a baby you always put a bonnet on your child or hat if a boy. Now people don’t even put hats on their baby even in the winter.

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