Valentine’s Day Card Craft

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Make this adorable valentine’s day card craft using supplies you likely have! It’s easy, fun, and includes a bonus gift as well…
Make this adorable valentine's day card craft using supplies you likely have! It's easy, fun, and includes a bonus gift as well...


In my mind, the only thing sweeter than a handmade card is one with a built in gift. Perfect for tweens and big kids, this craft is cheap, fun, and includes it all.


To make the bracelet, you’ll need to see my heart friendship bracelet tutorial. After you’ve made that, you can go on to include it in this fun card craft.


I used supplies I had lying around, and you can do the same. Choose a piece of pink, or red construction paper, or a scrapbook paper with that theme.  You can also be original, and replace the traditional “heart” colors with the card recipient’s favorite.


Supplies for the Valentine’s Day Card Craft:


valentine's day card craft


How to make the Valentine’s Day card craft:


  • First, cut your paper to size. If you have an envelope, measure it accordingly. If you don’t go with typical sizes, such as 5×7 inches or 4×6 inches so you’ll be able to find a matching envelope. cut your background fancy paper to the full size and leave a border of about 1/2 and inch around the edges for the white paper.
  • Cut out a heart shape in the corner of your white paper.


valentine's day card craft


  • Glue the white paper on top of the fancy paper, centering it.


valentine's day card craft


  • Cut two slits in the top of the card, about 1.5-3 inches apart, depending on the size of your card.


valentine's day card craft


  • Slide your bracelet on! I left it as is, however if you’d like you can secure it by with a small, discreet piece of tape in the back.


valentine's day card craft


  • Write your message in the center. valentine's day card craft valentine's day card craft valentine's day card craft


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  4. What a great idea for gift giving, this would be great to add into some little gift pails of basket for a mom or sister too.

  5. I love making handmade Valentine’s cards with my daughter. Thanks for the great ideas.

  6. This is a cute idea, easy and not expensive

  7. These are cute and I liked the friendship bracelet too.

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