American Flag Coasters – Made from parade flags!

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These beautiful, easy American flag coasters were made from repurposed Memorial Day parade flags. Catch up on some more ideas for things to make with what you have handy, or scroll down for some patriotic fun! This post contains affiliate links. I receive product free of charge from Plaid Crafts (Mod Podge, FolkArt) in the hopes I’ll craft and share.


DIY American flag coasters made from parade flags.


Ever notice how convenient it is that Memorial Day comes just a little over a month before July 4th? All those cute patriotic outfits and accessories you have for one can be repurposed for the other…

But if you’re wondering what to do with those cheap parade flags that are handed out, these DIY American flag coasters are spot on! You can also use novelty flags for these.



Not from here? You can make thee with any cheap flags to celebrate any country.



To make these American flag coasters, I used two types of Mod Podge to decoupage a cheap flag onto a wooden coaster.

1. Mod Podge Ultra Spray-on Gloss:

This new-ish product makes application so much easier! It applies in a thin layer that’s easy to smooth. 

I was hoping it would work as a final finish but since I wanted a wipe-clean top, I needed something else as a topcoat.


2. Super Gloss Mod Podge:

A favorite for finishing jewelry crafts for its hard-wearing, durable finish, this was my go-to for a wipe-clean coaster as well! I considered dishwasher safe Mod Podge but went with this instead because I didn’t plan to seal the entire coaster.

Super gloss is the perfect solution for wiping clean.



The rest of the coaster is painted in a thin, transparent layer of light silver FolkArt Brushed Metal paint – to brighten things up a little!



What you need to make your DIY July 4th Coasters:


How to make American Flag Coasters:

1. Remove the flag from the stick.


2. Place your coaster on the flag and outline the shape. Try to be as accurate as you can – I messed up a little and one one of my coasters the corner shows through. It’s not as pretty.


3. Cut it out carefully and accurately.


4. Paint the back and sides of your coaster. Allow it to dry completely. If you want an opaque finish, paint a second coat and allow it to dry completely.


5. Place your coaster unpainted side up on bottle caps or a wire rack to prop it and avoid gluing it to your surface. This also allows extra Mod Podge to drip off.


6. Spray a thin, thorough coat of Mod Podge on your coaster.


7. Place your flag on it, being careful to place it accurately. Smooth out any air bubbles with your fingers. Spray on top and make sure it’s totally smooth and where you want it before allowing it to dry completely.


8. When it’s dry, paint on an even coat of Mod Podge Super Gloss. Allow it to dry completely and repeat with a second coat if you want.


Your American Flag coasters are complete!

Do you craft with  your parade flags – or do you save them indefinitely in case you might? What have you made with them? Comment below!


Seltzer on American Flag coasters

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