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When your kids spend most of the day away at school and then have an early bedtime, those precious few hours make up a huge component of your relationship. I designed this bedtime routine printable poster around the quirks and bonding moments, as well as well as the actual required tasks, blending the two into one fun design. This is based on my popular post, 21 Ways to Bond at Bedtime. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click to be taken to your download of a free printable bedtime routine poster - a fun routine chart turned wall art for kids bedrooms with a sweet doodle design! Youc an get this coloring page poster for free.


Women today are torn in so many directions.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to choose our own career paths.

Yet many women still have to find the balance between home, kids, and work. And those of us who chose to stay at home, yet still need to work to support our family are often conflicted in our routine, with work always being right there, waiting to be done.


I personally struggle with the fact that there is ALWAYS more work to be done. Yet, there are those three precious hours, after I’ve picked up the boys, and before they go to sleep that are sacred.

While I may sit down, drink a coffee, try a new craft, or relax a little during that time, I do not work unless it’s urgent.


Bedtime turns into that precious time that my husband and I have to really bond with the kids.

But how do you actually bond with a two year old and a five year old?


I find that doing something fun and concrete together is the best way to connect. We often need something a little more tangible because of the age barriers (and you can say authority barriers too…)

The boys love to be silly, and so anything that makes us laugh creates great bonding experiences.



Even just being present, helping them into pajamas, making jokes while we do creates a bonding experience. We love telling stories, asking “get to know you” questions such as “which song always makes you happy”.

I recently got a press copy of the book “Know Yourself: A Book of Questions” in the mail and M and I have been going through it together at bedtime. It’s not totally for kids but there are enough relevant questions that it’s been a fun experiences and he always asks me to do more.




I created this fun bedtime routine printable poster for you to enjoy and have fun bonding at bedtime yourself.

There’s a color-in version (free) and a full-color printable version (cheap) as well as premium  framed and unframed posters  you can order here.





Download your free printable color-in bedtime routine poster here:

Click on the image below to be taken to the download page.





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What are your favorite bonding activities to do at bedtime? How will you be using this bedtime routine printable poster? Comment below!


Click for a super cool kids room wall art poster - fun things to do in your bedtime routine! This wall art is printable or get it already printed.

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