Bonfire Craft – Polymer Clay Necklace

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If you’re looking for a cool bonfire craft, this simple polymer clay necklace is perfect! You don’t really need to know how to make jewelry in order to create it so it’s perfect for beginners. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.



Once you start working with polymer clay, you won’t want to go back! Granted, there are all sorts of cool techniques you can learn, but for starters, use it like you would play dough, just like I did when creating these alphabet magnets!


Practice making cool clay creations with this fun bonfire craft! The trick to making something awesome with clay is to assemble it using simple shapes that form your finished project.

Coating it with Sculpey glaze is a great way to add that polished look. While I did not use it on this craft, you can see the effect that has on my seashell necklace craft that I shared some time ago.



I turned this bonfire into a necklace using a simple string. Wear it as a fun accessory at summer camp or at family bonfires.


You can skip the hole, and glue magnets to the back instead if you want to use it as a magnet. Or, attach a keychain to your finished creation.



Keep in mind that a finished clay creation is somewhat delicate. You can get around that and make it sturdier by making sure that you keep your final bonfire craft very thick.



What you need to make a bonfire craft:




How to make a polymer clay necklace bonfire craft:


1. Make a small oval shape with red clay, and pinch the top to form a teardrop shape.

Polymer clay bonfire craft - make a teardrop



2. Create a wide, flat strip with orange clay, large enough to wrap around your teardrop. Make it thinner on the ends.

Bonfire craft step 2



3. Pinch the top center to form a point.

Bonfire craft - pinch the top of your orange



4. Wrap it around your teardrop.

Bonfire necklace - 4. Wrap it around your teardrop.



5. Repeat steps 2-4 with a longer piece of yellow clay.



6. Smooth out your clay layers with your finger. It’s okay if the colors mix a little – it makes it look a bit more like a fire.

Bonfire craft - polymer clay necklace - smooth the layers



7. Create two small “logs” of clay, one a little bit wider than the widest part of your flame, and one a bit narrower. Attach them to the bottom of you flame, with the larger one on top.

Bonfire craft - adding the logs



8. Use a wide, flat clay tool (or popsicle stick) to press the logs up in the center. Do this gently so that you don’t cut them too deep.



9. Use a sharp clay tool or toothpick to make a hole at the top – make sure to make it large enough for your string to be inserted easily.



10. Bake your clay according to the package instructions (grown-ups only). When it’s dry and cool, you can paint a layer of clay glaze if you’d like. When that’s dry, add a string and wear it proudly.



Do you have another cool idea for a bonfire craft that you’d like to share? What is your favorite polymer clay craft? Comment below!


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