16 Craft Gift Ideas for Adults

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As a grown-up who loves to make stuff, I’m thrilled to share with you some of my favorite craft gift ideas for adutls! Also check out gifts for the crafter who has everything for more ideas! This post contains affiliate links and gifted products.

My favorite tip for finding the perfect gift for anyone is to think first of what they enjoy doing. And so if you have someone in your life who is open about their love for DIY and crafts, the decision should be so much easier: hit up the craft aisle!

But maybe you’re not a crafter yourself – or maybe you’re just missing some inspiration. Here are some of my favorite craft gift ideas for adults – including a little bit of everything!

From books to gadgets, some basic materials, and some kits, there’s something for every budget, every craft type, and every skill level!

Craft Gadget Gift Ideas for Adults

Every crafter loves a new toy for the craft room – and double score if it makes the tedious parts of crafting easier! There’s a gear or gadget for every price range, and I’ve included in this list one for the double digit budget, the triple, and yes, the four-digit budget too.

Here are some fresh favorites – but you can find more craft gadgets here.

Surebonder Hot Glue Skillet

Ever get hot glue gun fatigue? Hot glue is a favorite method of connecting things for many crafters, thanks to the balance of fast dry time and durability. But squeezing the trigger – even the easier ones – on more glue-intensive crafts – can get a bit tiring.

That’s where Surebonder’s brilliant hot glue skillet is a game changer.

The hot glue skillet melts glue and keeps it melted, allowing you to DIP your items in! It’s incredible for larger projects like wreaths where you’re constantly piling on more glue. You can melt more glue at once too, and remelt any glue you didn’t use next time. My leftover glue simply lifted out in one piece once it was cooled (or leave it in…)

It’s got variable temperatures for deferent project times and an on/off switch. It works with both porous and non-porous materials. The skillet itself feels very sturdy.

I cut up hot glue sticks to fit, but you can also get pellets that’ll be an easier option. They reduce stringing too. I recommend including that as a bundled gift, as well as nonstick stir sticks too. The stir sticks also lifted out once the glue cooled.

Cricut Maker 3

You all know I’m a big fan of Cricut and so far my favorite machine of theirs is the Cricut Maker 3. It’s fast, easy to learn and use, and cuts SO many materials. You can read my Cricut machine comparison (it’s a bit old, though.) You can also check out some of the things to make with Cricut that I’ve shared in the past.

The cool thing about the Cricut Maker 3 is that it can handle longer cuts using “smart vinyl”. The mat-free experience is a huge time saver as it is as simple as loading the roll of vinyl or iron-on and cutting.

You can get the roll holder too, which is ideal for using bulk vinyl rolls.

Check out what I made with the Cricut Maker 3 – yes, that is a decal on our playroom wall! How cool? I love being able to easily decorate my home like this. Check out my Cricut Maker 3 review for more details on how I did this!

xTool F1 Portable Laser Engraver

Laser crafting opens up a whole new realm of possibilities with the ease with which it handles various materials. xTool’s F1 laser engraver is revolutionary. It’s so portable that even my tiny cramped craft room can handle. While it’s definitely a high end gift – four figures, how many depends on which package you get – if it’s in your budget and you’re looking to REALLY treat someone, it’s an absolute win.

While the surface size is small, it’s perfect for jewelry crafters like us. It can cut and engrave wood, cork sheets, opaque resin, and leather, as well as other materials that are fabulous for jewelry crafting. Its ability to engrave stainless steel, silver, and other metals beautifully and quickly makes it fabulous for on-the-spot customization at craft fairs.

So if you have someone you truly love and want to treat with a high-end gift that’ll expand their business and hobby, the xTool F1 is the gift-of-a-lifetime (better than diamonds if you ask me!) Its main limitation is size, however they have a slide extender accessory that majorly expands it, and the RA2 Pro rotary extension allows for wraparound engraving on rings, tumblers, mugs, ornaments, and more (you can get it bundled together).

The biggest advantages the F1’s size gives is for those who are limited on space and need portability. I am very limited with space and it fits beautifully in my craft room. Combined with the desktop air purifier, it works for me even though I don’t have outside windows. It comes with a starter pack of materials to be able to use it right out of the box.

Dual laser types (Infrared and Diode) mean it can work with many material types – opaque only – and the fact that it moves by bouncing off mirrors means it’s super fast. I will be sharing a full review in the coming months so stay tuned!

Hobby Starter Kits

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a serial hobbiest. If there’s a hobby to be had, I’m gonna have it. I’m talking resin, fiber arts, oil painting, refurbishing, jewelry making, paper crafts… Yes, if you’ve followed this blog until now, you’ll know it. I’m a Jill of all trades, expert of one or two. If you have someone like that in your life, these craft gift ideas for adults are perfect.

Gift a new hobby in an all-in-one kit that includes basic instruction and the materials to make something real and functional in the end.

MODDA Resin Starter Kit

I started resin crafting about two years ago (I had to pause when I was pregnant with Baby Jay) and I love it. It’s one of my favorites since the end result is so functional. It can be pricey to get started, but MODDA makes a fabulous beginner set that has everything required to get going – and is affordable! So if you know someone who would love this kind of thing, this kit is spot on.

It’s jewelry and keychain focused, starting with small projects – just like it should. It includes EVERYTHING you might think of and is the perfect gift for someone who might already make jewelry or enjoys fashion crafts and would love this new skill (the only exception is a respirator mask, which you can gift as a bundle) .

Resin is a relaxing hobby, especially UV resin, which doesn’t require stirring, or long dry times, and gives the benefit of instant gratification. The MODDA resin starter kit comes with molds, bezels and tapes for two styles of resin jewelry crafts, droppers, toothpicks, gloves, keychains, jewelry findings, loads of fun add-ins, dyes, cords, pliers, ring sizing tools, tweezers, a UV lamp and a bottle of resin to start with.

You also get access to their link to their resin video course, making it a true beginner course-at-home package. You can see what I made using the kit and check out my tutorial on how to make a resin pendant too.

Maker Crate

I’ve shared KiwiCo’s subscription boxes in the past – but did you know that they have an adult line? This 14+ crate series is catered toward adult-level crafting and teaches real skills. I didn’t realize just how cool they are until a friend of mine passed a couple of crates on to me.

Maker Crate’s subscription boxes typically feature real skills – such as weaving reeds, and macrame. You can get them as singles, or get a gift subscription based on your budget.

The boxes include all the basics, including the tools you need to get started. You’ll need to watch instructional videos to make it. It includes lots of extensions and instruction beyond the basic project that’s pictured on the box, making it a fabulous “new hobby” gift.

Origami Page A Day Calendar

It’s brilliant: do one craft every day and master a new skill. The Origami Page A Day calendar is perfect for that adult (or big kid) crafter in your life who would love to master origami!

Each day brings a new origami tutorial, with over 250 projects inside.

The back of day before features the printed origami paper you’ll be using to make your craft. Facing it is clear illustrated instructions for that day’s origami.

The Origami Page a Day calendar starts with very basic skill-learning projects, and ends with more advanced ones, making it a fabulous “master a skill in a year” kit. I call it a kit because the pages double as the project, but you can also treat it like a book, by just using a different origami paper.

It’s the ultimate craft gift idea for adults who are trying to craft every day but need it to be approachable and doable.

Project-Specific Kits

There are also crafters who like to craft something new, but don’t necessarily want to learn much (um, hi!). They want clear instruction – whether it’s based on an existing skill set or something that doesn’t require learning a new skill – to make something functional and fun to actually use.

These craft gift ideas for adults are one-and-done (or two or three and done) projects.

Sheepers Slipkit

For an absolutely incredible, luxe, one-and-done craft kit, the UK-based Sheepers Slipkit is two gifts in one. It’s a make-your-own slipper kit that comes with high end materials: from handmade wool yarn, to wool linings and trim and genuine leather.

All the holes are pre-punched so that all you’re doing is very basic embroidery and sewing. It comes with an instruction booklet but the video on their website is much easier to follow along with.

The final result: a luxurious leather and wool slipper to wear proudly for years.

I found it easy to follow along with and master, although it definitely takes some work to do the sewing. I gained a new appreciation for hand shoe-making! I’m obsessed with the final result and only a little sad that I got the sizing wrong (I’ll be gifting these it seems!) Make sure to check out their size chart before ordering, as UK sizes are different than US.

Prices are in pounds, but they do ship to the US too! This is such a unique gift, and perfect for the crafter who has everything.

MODDA Cactus Friends Crochet Kit

We’re back to MODDA – makers of fun hobby kits, and this time I’m sharing a project specific kit – crochet a cactus garden! Once again, MODDA includes everything you need to make stuffed crochet potted cacti. If you have a crochet-addict in your life, this kit is spot on!

It’s beginner-friendly since, once again, baseline instructions are provided through a video course. The finished stuffed cacti make fun little toys for kids, with their tactile finishes and friendly faces. They can be displayed on a dresser, making this a fabulous gift idea for adult crafters who have young kids in their lives (parents, grandparents, aunts, nannies…)

The kit comes with the required crochet hook, loads of yarn, fiber stuffing, stitch markers, needles, doll eyes, and more. It’s such a satisfying craft to make, and can make a few, making it one of my favorite craft gift ideas for adults!

DMC Tapestry Needlepoint Kit

Embroidery is a relaxing craft, and the results can be gorgeous… Why not gift a kit for starters? To me, when you’re a casual crafter, a kit is the way to go for things like this. The project is specific, and the results look gorgeous.

DMC is my long-time favorite brand for embroidery threads, and yes, quality matters. You can see the difference in the color quality and sheen of the thread.

Their designer collection kits feature the beautiful designs of some favorite artists. The one above is a completed Campanula by Yumiko Higuchi and is perfect for advanced embroiderers.

The one pictured below is an unassembled English Garden by Celeste Johnson and is perfect for intermediate embroiderers.

The kit comes with everything you need: a printed cloth with template to embroider on, all the thread colors you need, a needle and a hoop (that of course, doubles as a frame and the base of your artwork).

Art & Craft Supplies Sets that make cool craft gift ideas for adults

While most of the craft gift ideas for adults tend to be carefully packaged kits and cool gadgets, basic craft supplies make the perfect gifts too! Bundle them with complementary materials to to make even nicer craft gift ideas for adults.

Ooly Vivid Pop! Acrylic Paint Markers

OOLY Vivid Pop! acrylic paint markers are revolutionary in that they require no shaking, pressing, prepping to get them going. They come ready to use! My wrist is very thankful.

The color is beautiful, vivid, and opaque with a smooth flow. Yes, it lives up to its name!

I tested these markers in two ways: art and crafts.

I tried them on a mixed media paper pad first. I made this fun pop pattern. It worked well, however, next time I want to try this type of art I’m going to do it on a wood panel or canvas, as it’s a bit wet for paper. It’s perfect for wood crafts. It may even work on a watercolor board.

I also decorated a wooden pumpkin cutout using these markers. It performed fabulously, laying on the color close to perfectly. It dried relatively quickly too, making it the perfect easy-to-use marker for crafts.

And we all know that crafters LOVE new pack of paint markers to get the inspiration flowing!

Wooden Crafting Blanks

Wondering about the wood pumpkin cutout above? I am in love with Woodpeckers crafting blanks! They are the perfect gift for virtually any type of crafter, paired with other materials or not. For the doodler, pair with the paint markers above. They’re fun for woodburners, laser crafters, cutting machine crafters, and more.

They have so many cute styles – flat blanks, chunkies, laser marked – in a variety of themes, so check them out.

Use code MOMSANDCRAFTERS to save 5%.

Craft Storage

There’s nothing like having things well-organized in the craft room – it makes making stuff so much easier! There are so many innovative storage solutions out there. If you know your loved one is struggling with a specific one, or even if you just see something cool, go ahead and spring for it.

My favorite vinyl solution these days is this hanging vinyl holder. I couldn’t get a full picture because things are a mess there, but check it out here!

Other good options: a storage cart, wall-mounted storage, hobby-specific accessory storage…

Ohuhu Maui Markers

A good set of markers is absolutely essential for paper crafters and Ohuhu made it affordable and beautifully giftable with their Maui water based marker line.

While I prefer alcohol markers for art, when it comes to paper crafts, alcohol markers are too much. They’re not a good fit, as they soak through the paper -and are overkill.

Water based markers are a win, as they sit better at the surface of the paper. They are perfect for any kind of paper craft (such as cardmaking, scrapbooking, adding accents to origami or papercut…) or even journaling and planners.

Ohuhu offers various package count options for different budgets and needs, and the spectrum is incredible. To test these, I chose a few markers that looked practically the same and they were quite different, adding depth to different crafts. I do recommend swatching your markers for accuracy. My favorite way to do this is to color on tiny white dot stickers and stick them on the markers.

For doodlers, you can pair it with a mixed media pad to really upgrade the gift. The tear-out pages means they can use their art in their crafts too. Either way, beautifully-packaged sets in a variety of package sizes make these fabulous craft gift ideas for adults.

Book Craft Gift Ideas for Adults

I’m a big fan of gifting craft instruction. Handing someone a new skill (or helping them build on an existing one) is a fabulous way to treat them. These books feature different hobbies – choose the one that best fits the recipient, of course!

A Stitch a Day Perpetual Calendar – Knit or Crochet

When it comes to craft-a-day calendars, what happens if you miss a few?

These stitch-a-day calendars are good forever. Miss a stitch this year, do them next year! In fact, I highly recommend finding a way to mark which stitches were tried. Either way, these are fabulous gifts for knitters and crocheters to build on their existing skillset.

The sturdy spiral bound calendars unfold to stand up, and flip over to the other side midway through the year. They are written out in patterns, making them super cool, affordable gifts for the proficient knitter or crocheter in your life. And there are so many beautiful, fresh ideas – they are great for unleashing new ways to be creative.

These next-level stitches are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Try them all in swatches, and then choose which one you’d like to turn into a complete project.

Polymer Clay Jewelry

While I’ve dabbled in polymer clay crafting in the past, I haven’t gone full-on with jewelry making, and I’m totally looking forward to trying all the projects in this book!

Polymer Clay Jewelry is the ultimate guide for beginners to get started with making their own statement pieces using polymer clay. While it does focus exclusively on earrings, the book provides clay skills that can be adapted into other pieces as well.

The introduction starts with materials, and then the various projects focus on different clay techniques. They are also molded into shapes in a variety of ways, really allowing the reader to expand their clay knowledge.

Clear step-by-step visual instructions are easy to follow. This book is perfect for jewelry makers who want to expand on it, for people who have rudimentary polymer clay skills and want to learn more, or for anyone who loves a good craft book!

Tiny Felt Cuties and Creatures

For the serious felt crafter, hand stitching felt toys is a fabulous hobby. Even for someone who already makes felt creations, having new patterns and tutorials to try always refreshes things,

Tiny Felt Cuties & Creatures features tutorials and patterns to make more than twenty new projects. From pups and foxes to mushrooms and little dolls, these felt crafts are exploding with detail. Vivid step-by-step photo instructions make up most of the book, with templates in the back.

The book includes some introductory basic instruction for hand-sewing, tips for adding embroidered details, and fun little accessories for the creatures. Don’t just make a dog – make its dog house and dish too! Tiny Felt Cuties and Creatures is the perfect gift for someone who has patience to craft a work of art for play or display.

Creative Embroidery & Beyond

For someone who has some working knowledge of embroidery and would love to expand on it, Creative Embroidery & Beyond is full of patterns with side-by-side instructions. Each one is prettier than the next!

While the cover features hoop art, the projects inside also includes some fashion updates: embroider a sweatshirt, dress up a denim cap…

The book starts with a basic stitch guide, making it doable for beginners too – although the projects themselves are best done with a bit of practice first.

For the adult crafter who loves to update clothing or create art for the home, enjoys meditative stitching crafts, and love to make things with color, this books is spot on!

What are your favorite craft gift ideas for adults? Comment below!

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