Craft Paper Roses + Free Template

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Create these everlasting craft paper roses to add a pop of color to your home or any flat surface you want to decorate! When you’re done, check out these crepe paper Poppies. This post contains affiliate links.

Roses are classic and beautiful, but so short-lived. With these craft paper roses, you can create stunning rose blossoms that practically transcend time to leave a lasting impression! 

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or have two left hands, you’ll be able to follow these simple steps to create a blooming beauty.

Why craft paper roses, you may ask? 

Besides being fun to make, you can use these in all kinds of ways. They can be artfully arranged on a surface or tablescape to add color and elegance on their own. Or you can use them to embellish another craft – unlike some flower crafts, these are flat on bottom so they can easily be stuck onto any surface you want to decorate.  This can be a picture frame, a gift box, napkin rings or place cards – or both, for a themed table setting!

 The possibilities are endless, and I do hope you share in the comments how you use your roses!

You’ll want to use a stiff paper for this project so the flower holds its shape and the petals curve nicely. My favorite is cardstock, but you can use other heavy craft papers too. I’ve modeled the craft in red, one of the most popular rose colors, but it would work just the same with any color you like. 

Roses naturally come in many colors and shades, and in this case you can invent new ones, too!

Download our free template (at the end of this post) and let’s get started! And when you’re done, make sure you try these DIY paper sunflower templates too – or any other of our paper flowers!

What you’ll need

How to make craft paper roses

1. You will need thick craft paper or cardstock for this craft. Print and cut out the template pattern. Trace the pattern on the selected paper and cut out all the shapes.

2. Notice that the shapes have different amounts of petals. Take one that has 5 petals and apply glue along one of the straight edges.

3. Connect the glued side with the straight edge facing it to close the 5-petal cutout. If using liquid glue, hold it in place for a minute to help it set.

4. Use a round pencil or pen to curl the ends of the petals.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other 5-petal cutout.

6. Now, take the cutouts that have 4 and 3 petals. Apply glue along an open edge like we did for the first two cutouts.

7. Connect the glued edge to the opposite edge of each cutout, just like we did for the larger ones.

8. Use your round pen or pencil to curl the round edges of the petals.

9. Prepare the 2-petal cutout by rolling it up and connecting the open ends. For the 1-petal cutouts, just roll up that one petal and glue it closed. Roll one more tightly closed and the other more loosely, as shown.

10. If you’ve finished closing up all of the petal shapes, you are now ready to assemble your paper roses!

11. Put a small amount of glue on the center of one of the sets of 5 petals. Place the other 5-petal shape on top of it. Rotate it so that the petals are not right on top of each other and you can see both sets of petals.

12. Apply a small amount of glue to the center and attach the 4-petal set to that.

13. Next, attach the bigger 3-petal group to the center of the 4 petals.

14. Then glue the smaller 3-petal group to the center of the bigger one.

15. Stick the 2-petal shape to the center of the flower.

Join the two 1-petal pieces together by putting a little glue on the tip of the smaller one and inserting it into the bigger one.

16. Finally, glue the pair of single petals to the inside of the 2-petal set. Allow the glue to dry, and then you can use this rose to embellish another craft or to display on its own!

Tip: if making a fewcraft paper roses to use side by side, make sure you vary it a bit! Not every one should have all the layers.

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