how to make a bauble ring

How to Make a Bauble Ring

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This quick and easy tutorial will teach you how to make a bauble ring in just a few minutes!

Learn how to make a bauble ring in this beautiful DIY jewelry making tutorial!


A bauble ring is a statement ring so I like to wear it on my middle finger where it’s more balanced. The adjustable ring bases on these make that easy to do.

This is the most popular ring in my Etsy shop. If you’d prefer, you can just purchase it in a variety of colors in my Etsy shop. Or, you can follow along with this tutorial and DIY!

  • Time: approximately 10-15 minutes
  • Level: Beginner. This project is a great way to learn about headpins and how to use them. It’s great practice for making neat loops.
  • Age: This will depend on the person. Children as young as 8-10 years old can try it, and it’s a great project for adults as well.


Supplies for the Bauble Ring:

how to make a bauble ring


How to Make the Bauble Ring:

I like to work assembly-line style, doing all of each step at once, and then progressing to the next step, instead of working one bauble at a time.


Step 1: Thread the beads onto the headpins.

how to make a bauble ring


Step 2: Trim the headpins using the cutter. You’ll need about 8-10mm to stick out of the bead.

how to make a bauble ring


Step 3: Using your round nose pliers, bend back the headpin where it meets the bead.

how to make a bauble ring


Step 4: Starting at the tip of the headpin, use the round nose pliers to form a neat loop. Don’t close it completely.

how to make a bauble ring


Step 5: Hook your headpin loop on one of the loops of the ring. Use the chain nose pliers to get in there and “squish” the loop closed.

how to make a bauble ring


Step 6: Adjust to your size and wear with pride!

how to make a bauble ring


If you are a visual learner, you will love this video I put together of me making the ring in action:

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  1. Love this idea!
    Thank you for sharing, My mom and I where just talking about all the beads we have and what can we do with them.
    This will be on the list for sure.

  2. That is super cute! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am keeping it in my book marks for Christmas time!

  3. These rings are pretty cool and I’m so surprised they are so easy to make. I am not very crafty but I would love to try to make a ring. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! That is so pretty! This would be something fun to do with my older niece. Thank you for the video 🙂

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