Spring Cleaning Checklist (free printable)

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Download your free printable spring cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t forget to clean somewhere important! Make sure you get a full, deep spring clean and join our organizing and decluttering with kids 25 day challenge too, then continue on to your free printable. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


One of my favorite spring cleaning tips: use a free printable spring cleaning checklist to make sure you don't forget anything! This in-depth checklist is so pretty to keep around and easy to use. #springcleaning #cleaningtips #momsandcrafters



It’s easy to forget some areas while Spring cleaning,and in general, the task can be sooo daunting. The good news is, you have 90-ish days and if you break it down day-by-day, it WILL be possible!

Use this spring cleaning checklist to clean  your home room by room!

Some of these tasks might already be on your regular cleaning routine, but you’ll obviously want to do them again as you Spring clean.



A while ago, as one of my first blog posts!!, I shared an amazing list on how to get going with organizing your home.

It’s a really simple 3 step plan that will help you just get started with an area that seems intimidating.

This free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist is more of a full, in-depth cleaning for your entire home. That list above will help you target very specific areas.


Download your free printable Spring cleaning checklist:

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How to use this Spring cleaning checklist:

First, make sure you’re fully stocked on your favorite cleaning and organizing supplies.


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Print out this free printable Spring cleaning checklist and tack it somewhere safe (on the fridge or bulletin board, etc.)

5 Places you probably for got to clean - because they're so easy to forget! Download a free printable spring cleaning checklist to help you remember all the nitty gritty to make homemaking easier for a truly clean house.


I’d recommend choosing to fit your file to your media when printing.

Start by crossing off the items that aren’t relevant to you and highlighting high priority items.

That will help streamline the process for you. Since this is a generic cleaning list, there will be things that you don’t need to do!!

And highlighting high priority items ensures that you will have done the essentials first in case something happens and you don’t get through it all.


I hope you enjoyed this Spring cleaning checklist and that it’s been helpful to you! What are your best Spring cleaning tips? Comment below!


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