Toy First Aid Kit – Free Template

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Make your own toy first aid kit to prep your child for a summer of adventure and fun – including outdoor play and July 4th celebrations! This post contain affiliate links.

Summer is a time when injuries happen. I have found that to be a given.

Between holiday celebrations and extended outdoor play, I’d like my kids to have a resource to understand and navigate the basics of first aid. To me, the place to start is with pretend play.

I made this toy first aid kit out of felt. It’s really easy, especially when you use the free template that I provided at the end of this post. You don’t need to sew – just glue the parts together!

The kids are really enjoying the toy first aid kit and “fixing” their doll’s injuries!

What you need to make a toy first aid kit:

  • Felt! I used lots of red and white and a bit of beige and heather gray
  • Fabric glue
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Fabric scissors
  • The template at the end of this post

How to make a toy first aid kit:

1. Cut out your case from red felt using the template.

2. Fold the bottom upward so that the handles match up.

3. Add hook and loop closure to the side flaps and top flap, gluing them in place.

4. Fold your flaps closed to attach the other side of your hook and loop closure in the correct spot.

5. If you’d like to embellish your case with different colors, cut that part out of the template and cut it out of your second color of felt. Glue it in place.

6. For the toy first aid kit components you’ll be using the template to first cut out the main body shape. The, cut out any inner shapes from the template and cut from the correct colored felt. Glue your parts together.

Make bandages:

Try crafting a thermometer:

And a tube of ointment! For this one I added to the template, wrapping a rectangle of red felt around the package as a “label”, and folding up the bottom tip of the tube.

Create some pills and remind your little ones never ever to eat anything without Mommy or Daddy’s permission – even if it looks like candy!

And some gauze rounds. Remind your little ones that all boo-boos need to be cleaned before we can cover them.

I didn’t think you needed a template for this, but I also created a long strip of white felt to work as an elastic bandage or medical tape.

Your pretend toy first aid kit is complete!

Time for your little ones to fix those dolls’ boo-boos!

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Download the toy first aid kit template:

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