Felt Caterpillar Template

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Use this adorable felt caterpillar template to make a mini plush caterpillar to bring in Spring! When you’re done, try this felt frog pattern too! This post contains affiliate links.

When I was a kid, we used to collect caterpillars. Yes, you heard right. Our backyard was the one to go to when we were having contests: who can collect the most?

While it’s positively gross, there’s definitely a childhood fascination with these sometimes ugly creatures that turn into the most beautiful, fascinating features of summer.

So this spring, why not craft some felt caterpillars? They are way cuter and more endearing than the real deal!

Simple hand sewing projects like this felt caterpillar template are fabulous for kids who aren’t up to sewing apparel or “real” things yet. (And if yours is, check out my 3 easy machine sewing projects for kids here.) The little softie can be attached to a keychain for a more functional craft.

While I like to fill it with plush filling (ideas below), you can also fill it with poly pellets for a weighted beanbag type of feel.

The felt caterpillar template does NOT come with the fruit – those were freehanded. The size doesn’t matter and they’re just for fun.

You can craft this to go with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or just stick with the simple green creature that I’m sharing here.

What you need

How to hand-sew a felt caterpillar

1. Trace and cut out the pattern pieces from green, yellow, and dark green felt. Or, switch up the colors as you’d like them.

2. Use coordinating thread to sew the spots to the standalone circles.

3. Use black thread to embroider the eyes and the mouth on the head. I recommend sketching it first and then outlining your sketch.

4. You’ll now be working on the full caterpillar base. I recommend working from the back of your felt caterpillar template towards the front. Take two legs and place them on the base, on one of the bottom round protrusions.

5. Place one circle on top of the legs, so that it sits within the border of the base. The two caterpillar layers should sandwich the legs.

6. Use coordinating thread to stitch the circle to the base, keeping the legs in place. Keep the side that faces the rest of the caterpillar open for stuffing.

7. Stuff the circle.

8. You’ll now be attaching the body circles along the top. Place and stitch the next circle to the base, on the top end only. It’ll overlap the previous one. Use the silhouette of your base layer as a guide for placement of each circle.

9. Continue with all four body circles. Place the antennae at the top of the last portion of the base, so that they overlap and the circle ends stick out.

10. Place the head circle in place, and stitch around it, sandwiching the antennae and holding them in place, Leave it open at the end that faces the body.

11. Continue stitching all your body circles on the bottom, placing legs between the two layers as you go along.

12. If you’d like to stuff your entire caterpillar, stuff each circle through the open ends at this point. Make sure to seal the top side of each caterpillar with glue, or by stitching them closed. Tie off your thread and you’ve successfully sewn a felt caterpillar plush!

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