22 Paper Crafts for Halloween (by Age)

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Enjoy 22 paper crafts for Halloween, divided by age group so that you can find what you’re looking for! This post contains affiliate links.

Halloween is coming up quickly! Whether you’re looking for new decor for your home or a fun craft to do with your kids, you will love these paper crafts for Halloween for the whole family! 

These paper crafts are perfect for classroom decor, Halloween parties, or as a fun way to spend Halloween. I’ve split this up by age to help make finding the perfect paper craft for Halloween easier for you. 

Paper is a fabulous craft material because it’s the easiest to keep handy! Whether it’s a printable that you’ll print out on white paper or cardstock, something that uses construction or solid colored cardstock, it’s so versatile and inexpensive.

They make light work of getting ready for the spooky season, and they’re a blast to make! Here are the best paper crafts for Halloween.

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Preschool Paper Crafts for Halloween

Kids as young as preschool can get started crafting for Halloween! The trick is to keep everything cartoony and playful to minimize how scary Halloween can be.

Involve them in crafts that build fine motor skills, encourage pretend play, and in general work with their skills and milestones.

Feed the Monster Fine Motor Activity with Clothespin Puppets by Moms and Crafters

Make these adorable monster clothespin puppets using the free printable template - and then play "Feed the Monster" - a fun fine motor activity and game to help improve pincer grasp! You'll love this paper craft and free printable activity for kids. It's also great for Halloween crafts but fun for year-round too.

A super fun fine motor craft, these monster puppets make for fabulous preschool paper crafts for Halloween. Craft them using standard wooden clothespins, and then play the game with pompoms.

Easy Frankenstein Toilet Paper Roll Craft by Marcie in Mommy Land

An adorable cardboard tube Frankenstein can be made using recycled paper towel tubes or purchased craft tubes too!

Ghost Hand Puppet Craft by Moms and Crafters

Precut parts and allow your preschooler to get hands-on with assembling a ghost hand puppet! Combine crafting with pretend play by making your own toys for the holiday. Use a standard lunch bag and cover or paint it, or use white lunch bags to begin with.

Halloween Paper Plate Spider Craft by Honey and Lime

Grab some paper plates and craft friendly spiders to celebrate Halloween!

Rice Ghost Craft by Plate in 28

How spooky is this ghost craft? Mixing paper crafts with a few other materials, including household ones, add texture for preschools to have sensory experiences while crafting.

Halloween Puppet Ghost Craft by The Inspiration Edit

Casper is the ultimate friendly ghost, so why not craft him with your preschooler? This is more of an at-home craft to create together with your preschooler as the outcome is pretty specific. Use it  to encourage pretend play – and possibly de–scarifying ghosts in anticipation of Halloween.

Handprint Witch Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Handprint crafts are fabulous for toddlers and preschoolers, because they allow them to feel like it’s really part of them. This witch is a favorite option for Halloween.

Kids Paper Crafts for Halloween

Grade school aged kids have expanded their crafting abilities. They can cut more accurately, be more precise with assembling their pictures, and they can read too!

These crafts are mostly functional and take the craft skills to the next level, while still keeping things cheerful and friendly.

Cat Masks Printables and Paper Craft by Moms and Crafters

These cat masks printables are so beautiful and easy to make! You'll love the final result. It's cool as a halloween papercraft or for any time of year. These papercraft masks are available as adult coloring pages or as color-in crafts for kids, or even as a full color printable paper craft - and it's easy too!

I designed these adorable cat masks years ago as a fun craft for all ages. While they’re designed as an “adult” coloring page, there are various levels of complexity. And since they’re “adult” coloring pages, they are perfect for kids who think they’re too big to color!

Preschool Bat Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Build some cutting skills with this fabulous paper bat craft! What an adorable friendly face!

Halloween Cootie Catcher by Mom Foodie

Did you also craft piles of cootie catchers (fortune tellers) as kids? This one is a free printable, complete with Halloween jokes to make your day.

Witch Paper Bag Puppet by Moms and Crafters

Loved the ghost puppet craft above? For slightly older kids, try a witch! This fun paper bag puppet can be personalized with other details: yarn hair, metallic paper for the buckles – encourage your kids to get creative!

Corner Bookmarks for Halloween by Crafts Kids Love

If your kids love reading, share this template with them to make corner bookmarks! They have an adorable Kawaii touch too.

Teen & Tween Paper Crafts for Halloween

Technically, most crafty teens and tweens can already complete any level of craft that the typical inexperienced adult can. They’ve fine-tuned their skills and can often be trusted with riskier craft tools (such as craft knifes, larger scissors, and maybe even hot glue). 

Make sure you know your teen’s or tweens skill levels and capabilities before introducing a riskier craft. I recommend closely supervising the first few stints to really gauge their abilities first.

I also encourage finding crafts that have unique appeal for teens and that offer more room for self-expression. Things that are on-trend are great options too.

Halloween Haunted House Paper Craft by The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Encourage your teen to make Halloween art using this haunted house scene craft. Since they are a few steps ahead of kids in skills, you can encourage them to make it mixed media, add details with chalk pastels, and more.

Paper Pumpkin Craft by Blue Bear Wood

A Halloween garland made of paper pumpkins is a fabulous way for teens to get involved in decorating. They can make it for their bedrooms too!

Black Cat Paper Bag Luminaries by Barley and Birch

We love making paper luminaries and these cat paper bags are so clever! Halloween is the perfect time for luminary crafting, since they can help decorate and light up the night while trick-or-treating. Make sure to use LED candles, not real ones!

Sugar Skull Dolls by Blue Bear Wood

Did you know that you can make sugar skull dolls using paper? This fabulous break from the boring skulls is spot-on for teens who want to get more creative.

Vampire puppet – By Moms & Crafters

A vampire gnome? You bet! Gnomes are on-trend, and vampires are a teen favorite, making this the perfect Halloween paper craft for teens. They can even use it as a bookmark if puppets have less appeal to teens.

Pumpkin Rosette Decor by Moms & Crafters

Your teen can really help with decorating! Make a pumpkin rosette out of accordion-folded cardstock to decorate the home with!

Paper Crafts for Halloween for Adults

You’re never too big to craft with paper! These cool ideas can jumpstart new crafting inspiration beyond this post.

Frankenstein Mickey & Minnie Paper Ornaments Craft by The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Disney fan? Make these adorable paper ornaments to hang for Halloween!

Pastel Halloween Motivational Witch Book Decorations by A Kailo Chic Life

Paper maché books make for the perfect base for a fun decoration! It’s a fabulous way to add spooky color to your home – while keeping it classy!

Halloween Gift Tags by White House Crafts

Add a little extra something to your Halloween treats with these adorable gift tags. The youngest trick-or-treaters will love the little peek-a-boo surprise the most!

Scrapbook Halloween Garland by White House Crafts

Scrappy DIY decor can look fabulous on a neutral backdrop. This tutorial shows how to make a fun garland for Halloween.

Paper Treat Bags for Halloween by Moms & Crafters

These adorable paper treat bags come with five free templates to get your favorite Trick or Treat vibe going! Craft the bag from scratch, or start with existing black bags.

Got any paper crafts for Halloween to add to this list? Comment below!

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