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Name Keychains – a fun craft idea for kids!

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Make your own name keychains with this simple tutorial that’s perfect for kids of all ages! These make an awesome summer camp craft for teens and tweens – including boys!! – but are fun for year round too! Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links and images.


Make your own DIY personalized name keychains summer camp craft for teens and tweens - including teenage boys! This fun craft idea is easy to make and includes adorable key rings that can be given as gifts or kept! #crafts #teencrafts #momsandcrafters


I made these adorable name keychains for my son’s class when I went to visit to present my career (I’m an “arts ‘n crafts inventor” in case you were wondering.)

I wanted to create a gift for them based on my heart friendship bracelets but more boyish considering that he goes to an all-boys school. I ended up creating these fun name keychains that were perfect for his preschool class, since they’re learning to spell their own names now.



These name keychains are fun to give as a gift, but they’re even more fun to craft! They’re perfect craft for teens and tweens and they also make a great craft for boys – something that’s a bit harder to come by, so you’re welcome…


Anyway, there was one element of the class gift that I made that failed, which I corrected for you in the tutorial. I made these using strong jump rings that I thought would do the job. However, I underestimated the slippery determination of the embroidery floss. Most of them slipped through the opening on the jump ring.


I’d recommend replacing what I used with either a closed version of the same, a mini split ring (which is a smaller version of a key ring), or hack the open jump ring and seal it shut using E6000 glue, glue gun, or Sugru. You live and learn!



You can obviously go beyond names for these keychains and try them out with cute messages too.

And if you’d like something more summer themed for your summer craft you can try this bonfire craft instead. Another great idea for boys and girls to kill lots of time is these paracord headbands.


Supplies for DIY name keychains:


How to make name keychains:

Watch the video, or scroll down for step-by-step photos and instructions:




1. Write the letters of the name on the square wooden beads. Make sure that the hole threads through horizontally, and turn it around in the direction it’ll be threaded, adding the letter in the same direction on each bead. Give it a minute to dry before you flip it.

name keychains - write the name on the beads


2. Place your beads in order of the name, since you’ll be threading it backwards.

name keychains step 2 - place your beads in order


3.Thread a piece of embroidery floss, knot the bottom, and add a round bead. These had smaller holes and stayed on with a smaller knot, plus it added a nice touch. Pull on the bead a few times to make sure it’s secure. If not, make your knot larger .

DIY name keychains - knot your floss and add a round bead


4. Thread on your name backwards! You’ll want the name to be in order hanging downward, so you’re starting with the last letter and going in backwards order.

Name keychains - thread it on in backwards order


M helped me do this with close supervision.


5. When you’re done, add another round bead and knot in place.

name keychains craft - add another round bead, knot


6. Thread on a ring and slide your thread between the two threads from the name dangle.

name keychains loop through a jump or split ring and slide side one through side 2


Pull it so that the ring is flush against the knot. Make another knot.


7. If you’re dealing with two names, you can add the second name to this thread (in the right order this time.) Or, just add another bead.


8. Knot the end of the second string to hold the second bead dangle in place. Make sure your knot is large enough to hold the bead in place by tugging at it a few times once again.

Name keychains - add another bead and knot.


9. Cut to remove the needle and trim to size.

Make your own personalized keychains- summer camp craft - trim your thread


10. Attach your ring to your keyring. If you used a jump ring like I did, glue the hole shut or seal with Sugru. If you used a split ring, you’re good to go – you’ll just need to slide the keyring onto the split ring like you’d attach it to anything else.

Attach the keychain to complete your name key rings


You’re done!


Who will you be making these name keychains craft for? Comment below!


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