Watercolor Books – The Best Picks for Beginners

Hi there! I’m Stefanie from Simple Acres blog visiting again to share more on which watercolor books are the most helpful as you get started. I was so thrilled to get to share with you the best watercolor paints for beginners and other must have watercolor materials for your stash now I am going to share some really great books worth reading to improve your skills. You can now check out the whole series on how to watercolor. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Get started watercolor painting with the best watercolor books for beginners! #watercolor #art #momsandcrafters


In this post I am sharing the some of my favorite books I have used in the past, one I am reading currently or are on my wish list to read! I have really loved watercoloring the last few years and as you find something you really enjoy it is always fun to continue learning more ways to grow in your skill.



Here are the 5 of the best watercolor books for learning as a beginner:


1. Beginning Watercolor by Maury Aaseng:

Beginning Watercolor by Maury Aaseng - the best watercolor books for learning basic techniques


This is my favorite book for its beautiful illustration and simplicity in instruction of technique.

Beginning Watercolor by Maury Aaseng - an inside peek at the best watercolor books for basic technique




2. Mix Your Own Watercolors by John Lidzey:

MIx Your Own Watercolors - the best watercolor books for learning color mixing with watercolors

Mixing watercolors is an art in its own right and this book will teach you how to get it right! You don’t need every color in the rainbow to create beautiful watercolor art, as long as you understand the concepts behind mixing up your paint colors, getting the right wash, and more.

MIx Your Own Watercolors - the best watercolor books for learning color mixing with watercolors - an inside peek



3. By Hand-Art of Modern Hand Lettering by Nicole Miyuki Santo:

By Hand - the best watercolor books for learning the art of brush lettering

This beautiful book is focused on hand lettering as an art, however it has a dedicated section for watercolors. If your looking for watercolor books that will help you nail that brush calligraphy, this is the one to choose!

By Hand - the best watercolor books for learning the art of brush lettering - an inside peek




4. Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner by Search Press:

This book has wonderful ratings for its ease of use and instruction with beautiful images to guide you as you learn.



5. Everyday Watercolor : Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days by Watson-Guptill:

This is a best seller book and offers a modern style guide to watercolor. In a month of following along you will learn watercolor and love every day doing so.



That’s my list of the best watercolor books I would suggest to get you started creating beautiful art!Which do you recommend?



For some simple projects or to get your “feet wet” in watercolor you may enjoy this very simple resistance watercolor project, kids art transfer watercolor project or watercolor tree project.


I am an art enthusiast and art teacher when I am not creating content online. You can check out my art on my Instagram account and follow along at Simple Acres Art.


If you want to learn how to paint with watercolors, these best watercolor books for beginners are perfect for you! #crafts #brushlettering #momsandcrafters


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