Felt Snowman Ornament – Free Pattern

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Craft an adorable felt snowman ornament using this free pattern! Then check out the cutest felt grinch template too. This post contains affiliate links.

Of all the felt ornaments we’re sharing this year, this felt snowman is my absolute favorite (save only for the felt dove ornament maybe). The friendly face almost makes me want snow!

So it might be very last minute, but this felt snowman ornament is a fabulous way to take a little break from your holiday prep, sit down for a few minutes, and breathe!

This doesn’t need to be made as an ornament. It would make a fabulous little softie for a little kid who loves friendly faces. Kind of like a pocket pet.

You can add more detail if you’d like: sew on buttons for the mouth and/or beads for buttons. You can add different textures, such as fleece instead of felt for the hat and scarf. In fact, you can repurpose single fleece gloves to add those details.

Download the free felt snowman ornament template:

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What you need

How to make a felt snowman ornament

1. Use white felt for the snowman base, head and lower body parts; brown for the stick hands, orange for the carrot nose, pink for the cheek details and any color for the hat and scarf. Trace and cut out each part. Trace the base again, just for the head and then repeat for the body – but add 1/2 cm. extra on top of the body only part.

2. Stitch the nose in the center of the head.

3. Stitch the cheeks on both cheeks and use a pencil or chalk to trace the eyes and the mouth.

4. Use black embroidery thread to stitch along the traced eyes and mouth You can use a split stitch for the eyes and a running stitch for the mouth.

5. Place the completed head on the head part of the base. Stitch the head around the top and sides using a blanket stitch, leaving the bottom part that adjoins the body open for stuffing.

6. Stuff the head portion of the felt snowman ornament with cotton through the unstitched bottom.

7. Stuff enough cotton through the opening to give the head some dimension so that it sticks out like it would on a real snowman.

8. Place the lower body cutout on the body portion of the base and tuck the top edge of the body under the bottom open end of the head. Stitch the overlapping body and head, closing the head.

9. Place a stick hand on one side of the snowman. It should hold thanks to the traction that felt offers.

10. Start stitching around the body, securing the hand in place. Stop stitching when you reach the spot where you want the other hand to be.

11. Stuff the body through the open bit.

12. Place the 2nd hand between the body and base layers and sew the opening closed.

13. Trace and cut out the hat and scarf. There’s not template for the scarf: just cut a strip the size you’d like it!

14. Place the 2 hats together and stitch around the top and sides, including the hat trim, leaving the bottom of the hat open. Put the hat and the scarf on the snowman. You can secure with a few stitches if you’d like. Stitch a ribbon loop on the backside of the snowman to complete the craft.

I hope you enjoyed crafting a felt snowman ornament!

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