You've got to check out this amazing list of back to school crafts for tweens and teens - I want to make them all!

30 COOL Back to school crafts for tweens and teens

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Crafting is a wonderful outlet for adults and children alike – and year round too! These super cool back to school crafts for tweens and teens will have you covered. Find more crafts for tweens for the whole year, or scroll on for cool back-to-school ideas. This post contains affiliate links.

These back to school crafts for tweens and teens were contributed by an amazing group of bloggers. Make sure to click through to each one, and why not leave a comment too? We bloggers love to hear when you enjoyed a craft we shared – as these crafts are close to our hearts!

I tried to cover all bases with this list – but if you need more, just follow me on Pinterest where I keep pinning things like this!

From funky pens, to magnets for your locker; from hair accessories to shoe embellishments, these back to school crafts for tweens and teens share one thing in common: they are all totally COOL! Some are better for big kids and tweens, and some are perfect for your tween, but all of them are something I would happily sit and create…

This post was published before I had this LEGO backpack to share, but I had to come back and add that in!

Pens, pencils, and things to put them into

Why not have some fun pens and pencils to use throughout the school year to make learning more fun?! Check out these cool and unique decor ideas, and get some inspiration for some trendy pencil holders, too!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 inspired pens or  pencils by Moms and Crafters

Make these adorable Dr. Seuss inspired craft featuring Thing 1 and Thing 2! It's an adorable DIY for back to school or any time of year, and is perfect for kids, teens and tweens!

No one ever outgrows these fun Dr. Seuss characters! Make one to keep and one for a BFF!

Fun character pens by Typically Simple

teen crafts for back to school 1

These character pens are full of personality!

Washi Tape Pencils by Katarina’s Paperie

Throw together these super easy washi tape pencils by Katarina’s Paperie in minutes. It looks like this post no longer exists!

teen crafts for back to school 2

Embellished pencil pouch by the Country Chic Cottage. 

teen crafts for back to school 3

Carry your pens in style with this gorgeous embellished pencil case. Everyone will know that this one-of-a-kind design is yours!

Pencil Pouch from Cardboard Tubes by Moms and Crafters.

Create this one-of-a-kind pencil case and get creative with your choice of Duct Tape! This is a great way to recycle any cardboard tubes you may have laying around.

Fabric covered jars by Crafts by Amanda

teen crafts for back to school 4

Corral your school supplies in these fabric covers jars. These are perfect to keep in your locker or on your desk at home!

Fun chevron pencil holders by The Suburban Mom

teen crafts for back to school 5

These pencil holders take minutes to make, but are so cool!

Mermaid Pencil Toppers by Moms and Crafters

These mermaid pencil toppers are the perfect accessory for all of your writing utensils! Grab some craft felt and some (optional) matching pencils and get crafting!

Notebooks, books, and binders

Decorating your school supplies is the perfect way to add a personalized touch for the school year. Notebooks and binders are the perfect blank canvas for endless possibilities!

Customized Notebook with Craft Paper by Delineate Your Dwelling

teen crafts for back to school 6

Using this easy tutorial by Delineate Your Dwelling, create a customized notebook using craft paper. Craft paper is great because it is easy to work with, and the pattern options are endless!

DIY journal by Organized31

teen crafts for back to school 7

Decorate your journal or any notebook using colored or pattern Duct Tape. You can even create a pattern or shape using solid colors and patterns together!

Upcycled t-shirt binder by Carolyn’s Homework

teen crafts for back to school 9

This T-Shirt binder is simply genius! Now you have a use for the T-Shirt you love, but have outgrown.

Personalized product spiral notebooks by the Idea Room

teen crafts for back to school 10

These notebooks are perfect for keeping everything organized, in style!

DIY Mermaid Notebook by Moms and Crafters

Create these perfect sized notebooks to match your Mermaid Pencil Toppers!

Three-hole-punch makeover by Washi Tape Crafts

Looks like this site is no longer around – please drop a link in the comments if you find a new source!

teen crafts for back to school 11

I adore this simple but addictive craft!

Ice cream bookmarks by Artsy Craftsy Mom.

teen crafts for back to school 12

Keep your place while keeping your cool, with these ice cream bookmarks. Decorate with your favorite toppings!

Corner Bookmarks by Moms and Crafters

These corner bookmarks are so simple and keep your place perfectly without ruining the page! All you need is some basic origami paper.

Leather Bookmark by Moms and Crafters

This chic leather bookmark keeps your place in style! Add a cute tassel or other embellishments!

Lockers and memo board

There’s nothing like a personalized locker to make school feel a bit more comfy – and dare I say like home? These lockers and memo boards are fun back to school crafts for teens and tweens!

Fun chalkboard sign by Dear Creatives

teen crafts for back to school 13

This chalk board is a trendy way to keep track of homework and other assignments, and would look great hanging above your desk! And a cork board at home can really help keep those school memos close by.

DIY Cork-board Ideas by Moms and Crafters

This cork board is the perfect addition to your at-home desk, where you can store school assignments and pictures of your favorite people! Upgrade the cork board with these unique personalized touches to make it match your style.

DIY bulletin board by DIY Candy

teen crafts for back to school 14

Create this adorable bulletin board to tack reminders and other fun school-time notes.

Tetris magnets  by Moms and Crafters


Deck out your locker with these DIY magnets!Use them to hang messages and reminders throughout your busy school day!

Delightful owl magnets by Crafts by Amanda.

teen crafts for back to school 16

Craft these towel magnets to hang outside your locker so your friends can add notes and reminders!

Damask magnets by The Impatient Crafter

Update: It looks like this website was hijacked/taken over! If you know of a new source for this, please let me know.

teen crafts for back to school 17

Try these gorgeous magnets with a bold pattern to add style to your locker.

School-ready clothing and accessories:

Dress your best for back to school with a chic and sophisticated clothing and accessory ideas! While not school specific, they make fun back to school crafts for tweens and teens who like to express themeselves in their own unique way.

Wire-wrapped headband by Moms and Crafters

Isn't this wire wrapped headband stunning? And you can MAKE IT! It's such an awesome, professional craft to make to sell or as a DIY gift!

This unique headband is a great hair accessory to dress up any look for school. Give it a try!

Friendship Bracelet Tutorials and Patterns by Moms and Crafters

These friendship bracelets perfect for any tween’s wardrobe for the back-to-school season. These bracelets ideas range from beginner to advance, and even include some beaded options as well! Grab some string and get crafting.

DIY Scrunchies with Bows by Moms and Crafters

Not only are these DIY scrunches with bows cute, they’re also so practical, too! This project is a great use of any leftover fabric you may have laying around.

Cat face shoe accessories by The Paper Mama

Another tutorial that no longer seems to be live- please let me know if you find an updated link!

teen crafts for back to school 21

This cate face shoe accessory can be made into a hair clip as well!

Mustache Shoe Accessory by Mum in the Madhouse

teen crafts for back to school 20

If your teen likes to express some unique style, but you don’t want any permanent modifications, this mustache shoe accessory is adorable! You can try this with any shape.

Blinged-out thrifted sweater by At Home With Sweet T.

teen crafts for back to school 19

Save a few bucks and shop the thrift store for back to school – but make it cool with any embellishments!

DIY painted totes by Freutcak

teen crafts for back to school 18

Carry books to school in style with this stunning DIY tote bag. Create any custom design!

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Which back to school crafts for tweens or teens will you be making this year?

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  1. I love these! I always decorated all of my school supplies. Especially with book covers, fancy notebooks I drew or painted on, and even painted tote bags. So fun! I’ll be trying some of these. Thanks for including my easy pencil makeover!

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