Spring is in the air! Make these beautiful flower crafts for teens and tweens - they're beautiful, easy, and fun!

Flower Crafts for teens

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Spring has arrived! Here are 16 beautiful flower crafts for teens – or anyone who loves simple crafts with lots of impact. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Spring is in the air! Make these beautiful flower crafts for teens and tweens - they're beautiful, easy, and fun!


Flowers might just be beginning to bloom, but even if you have a black thumb, you can bring some of the joy into your house. These easy flower crafts are functional, fun, and most of all do-able.


You can start with some fabric flowers and work from there, or go ahead and create those flowers from scratch!




16 Cool & Easy Flower Crafts for Teens:


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1. Make a simple felt flower necklace. You can use the same tutorial and sew it onto a handbag, or anything really.

These DIY Felt Flower Necklaces make such a fun spring craft! They're a unique take on felt flowers mixed with basic jewelry making and sewing skills. A great mother's day gift too!


2. Make versatile shabby-chic denim flowers to stick onto anything!

Make these super easy, shabby chic, burlap and recycled denim flowers. Perfect for making DIY accessories like headbands or hair clips, but I used it to update an old onesie. It's also a great way to upcycle and repurpose old jeans and a perfect craft for teens!


3. These modern floral coloring pages are easy and beautiful to color! when you’re done you can frame them, or reuse them as wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc.

Download these free printable adult coloring pages in a cool, artsy flower theme! These free complex coloring pages are hand drawn and so relaxing to color in.


4. Or, you can try this Sunflower coloring page, which is more of a scenery, and great for hanging!

Download five free flower themed adult coloring pages for Spring! This sunflower themed complex coloring page for adults is fun for teens who like crafts and DIY too.


5. Gather a few of these golden poppies by Rhythms of Play in a vase for a bright centerpiece.

Spring is in the air! Make these beautiful flower crafts for teens and tweens - they're beautiful, easy, and fun!


6. You can even combine them with these ribbon rosettes in coordinating colors or display them separately.

Learn how to make beautiful DIY ribbon rosettes and turn them into a pretty flower centerpiece that doesn't die or wilt! These silk roses are an easy hand sewing craft and simple tutorial that will guide you through many projects!


7. Simple paper straw flowers by Fireflies and Mud Pies are a bold and easy statement.

flower crafts 1


8. This Cupcake Case Flower Garland by The Craft Train is sure to dress up any party! Hang it on the wall, drape it around the table, or even display it on your mantel!

flower crafts 2


9. Bright California Poppy Magnets by Buggy and Buddy are great for lockers, appliances, or anywhere a magnet will stick.

flower crafts 4


10. Easy Spiral Paper Flower Heart by Canary Street turns paper into artwork. You can try it with any shape!

flower crafts 4


11. An Easy Plastic Spoon Flower Garland by Club Chica is clever and another great way to dress up a space for a party.

flower crafts 5


12. You’ll want to leave these Deco Mesh Flowers by Crafts by Amanda up all year round…

flower crafts 6


13. If you like to go super-practical, check out this No-Sew Flower Pen Tutorial by Creations by Kara.

flower crafts 7


14. These Colorful Kirigami Flowers by Pink Stripey Socks can be added to anything – make wall art, add it to  wrapping paper, the possibilities are endless!

flower crafts 10


15. Spring up your home organization with this fun Flower Embellished Basket by Me Sew Crazy.

flower crafts 11


16. Learn  How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers with AttaGirl Says. They make a magnificent centerpiece for a room, and are great for making corsages, and other temporary accessories.

flower crafts 12


You’re all set with flower crafts to tide you over for a blooming, brilliant Spring.

What are your favorite flower crafts? If you’ve got any to share, just comment below!




Spring is in the air! Make these beautiful flower crafts for teens and tweens - they're beautiful, easy, and fun!



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