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What to put on your baby registry

What to put on your baby registry

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If you’re wondering what to put on your baby registry, you are in the right place! I’ve been working on assembling this list for a while, and I’m finally ready to roll! You’ll see this is split into categories to make it much easier for you to figure out. So congratulations, and let’s get going! First, check out reviews of the best video baby monitors and the scroll through for my top baby registry advice.


If you're pregnant and making a baby registry you need to see this guide! It not only has a full outline of what to put in your baby registry, but it also has advice for why you should register, tips for getting the most out of it, and advice on where to register. Great pregnancy for new moms-to-be.


A  new baby is exciting, but can be expensive. One of my favorite ways to save on a new baby is by TELLING people which gifts to buy instead of letting them choose. That way you cover more of what you want and need, and get fewer items in the following categories:

  • The “ridiculously overpriced outfit – shoulda just gotten me a whole layette package” category.
  • The “my sister-in-law would love that but it totally doesn’t fit my lifestyle” category.
  • The “I’m sure some people think it’s cute but I absolutely hate it” category.
  • And of course, the “Cool, but I already have it” category.

So that’s WHY you should register. 

Before I tackle WHAT to put on your baby registry, let’s handle the WHERE to register angle.


Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.



Where to start a baby registry:

With my first, I registered in a few places – mainly because of the free gift bags some stores will give, and to get the completion discount at a variety of stores… So I got to experience a few different styles. With my second, I went straight to Amazon

(A completion discount is simply a coupon to receive any of the remaining items on your registry at a discounted rate.)

Here are a few top choices and why I like them.

  • Amazon Baby Registry: As you can see I went straight here this time for a few reasons: 1. They have EVERYTHING and EVERYONE shops there. It’s easy. Shipping is fast. Making it easy for others to shop means more people will purchase from my registry. 
    At first, I was frustrated that they don’t offer a gift bag (I love the samples, and definitely chose some of my favorite brands based on those.) And then they actually sent me a sample box in the end (shipped to my home – other stores make you pick it up)! It had a bottle and pacifier in it among other things. They offer a completion discount of 10% to regular members and 15% to Prime members (please note: this can change at any time.) 
  • BuyBuyBaby: This may be a personal preference, but I LOVE this store. People tend to have 20% off coupons valid on one item (as it’s a sister store to Bed Bath & Beyond), so you might get a better gift for their budget. They have all the top brands and then some, along with amazing resources. They have an amazing gift bag when you register. They send you a completion discount offer twice for use on anything remaining in your registry. And finally, they have a price-match guarantee (which only helps if you have a savvy shopper buying for you.
  • TargetWith Target, selection is more limited, but they still have most top brands available. People know the store, they shop there anyway, and prices are competitive. You can pick up a coupon booklet and gift bag once you’ve registered – it has in it some generous coupons and decent samples. Get a 15% completion discount.
  • Babies R Us: Again, you’ll find most top brands here, including some exclusive products. You get rewards points on purchases made from your registry if you join their rewards program (5-10%). And we got a fun gift bag too.
  • Burlington Coat Factory’s Baby Depot offers a registry. The biggest perk: budget prices so there’s more bang for your buck…


There are more places to register (WalMart, Burlington Coat Factory’s BabyDepot) but we didn’t bother with those simply because we either didn’t like their selection or didn’t get to it.

As I mentioned, we just went straight to Amazon, because it made the most sense.



What to put on your baby registry:


Here’s where things get stickier: with the WHAT angle of your registry. I’ve created this handy list of factors to figure in when you register, along with separate lists for various categories.

  • Lifestyle: does this fit in with my lifestyle needs? For example, a jogging stroller is cool if you exercise a lot and have space for an extra stroller, but if you don’t, you’ll want something more practical (see the gear guide.)
  • Price: While you might not be buying it, others will be. Know who your buyers are. If you don’t have anyone likely to buy you a high ticket item, unless you plan to buy it yourself with your completion discount, register for the more affordable version.
  • Variety: Try to have a good variety of prices so that there’s something for everyone. Even if no one is going to buy you a two dollar pair of socks, they might throw it in with a cute outfit to meet their budget.
  • Priority: If you’re going to have a huge baby shower, you might want to register for lots of “nice-to-haves” among your “must-haves”. But if you’ll just have a few friends and family members asking what you need, have the top priority items listed in your registry. Amazon allows you to assign priority to items, which is another perk I went for.


What to put on your baby registry by category:


I’ve been working on this list for… forever. Each category can be explored on its own by clicking  the image. You will be taken to a new list with general product recommendations, specific brands I like, and of course tips for choosing. Good luck!


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Choosing which diapers are best for you

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As you’ll see, and I’ve mentioned it many times in each of these guides, there is no one-size-fits-all formua for what to put in your baby registry. But with the right considerations in mind, and a general idea of what works, I hope you’ll have a successful registry.


What are your tips for what to put in your baby registry? Do you have any questions about specific products? Comment below!


If you're pregnant and making a baby registry you need to see this guide! It not only has a full outline of what to put in your baby registry, but it also has advice for why you should register, tips for getting the most out of it, and advice on where to register. Great pregnancy for new moms-to-be.



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