22 Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers

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Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers! This post contains affiliate links. 

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and what better way to prepare for the season than with some fun crafts with your little ones?

I love making crafts with my kids during the holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Whether it’s turkeys or pilgrims, there is always something new to try out with your kids.

You can add these crafts to your homeschool classroom or set it up for your kids to do independently as a fun activity to do while you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner. 

Preschool crafts are best when left somewhat open-ended but with enough structure to make a recognizable craft. Kids can gain so many skills through these crafts! From fine motor skills, scissors skills, coordination, self-expression, and creative skills to actual alphabet, shapes, and colors learning, crafting is educational. Keep it easy and doable to avoid too much frustration. 

Here are some fabulous Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers to do.

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Turkey themed Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers

Whether you go for a big roast turkey, deep fry it, make a cured turkey platter, or skip it and opt for a vegan menu, turkeys are the undisputed mascot of Thanksgiving. Mainly it’s because it was what was plentiful and available as the Thanksgiving holiday was becoming a thing. It’s also large enough to feed a crowd (with way too much leftovers.)

These turkey crafts are all friendly reminders to give thanks for the plenty that we have. 

Turkey Puppet Thanksgiving Craft by Moms and Crafters

Turkey puppet color-in template

Puppets feature so many play benefits for preschoolers, so why not have kids make their own? We made these when M was in preschool, and he loved the sensory element to using feathers. You can also stick to paper

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Wreath Craft by Glitter on a Dime

Preschoolers can get involved in the decor process – because why not?! This paper plate wreath is an invitation to create that’ll truly involve them in a meaningful way. 

Turkey Puppet Craft Template by Moms and Crafters

Build fine motor skills by pre-cutting the main shapes of this adorable turkey puppet from construction paper and then having your preschool assemble it! Young kids can practice cutting the strips that make up the tail feathers themselves. Finish it with a plain or colored craft stick for a fun “craft and play” turkey.

Pop Up Turkey Craft by Moms and Crafters

These free printable turkey feathers are so versatile and perfect for yoru Thanksgiving crafts for adults and for kids! You can make a pop up card with them or any Thanksgiving turkey paper craft

See how this accordion folded tail on the friendly turkey pops up when you glue it together correctly! Make it even more meaningful of a Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers by allowing them to color it, rather than printing it on colored paper.

Turkey Handprint Craft by Crafting With Kids

There’s nothing that makes a four year old relate to their Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers than having their own hand featured! This tutorial shows you how to accomplish that in a turkey theme three different ways. 

Paper Feathered Turkey Craft by Kids Craft Room

A simple color and craft collage is a super fun idea for Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers. This one uses paper feathers to make the turkey’s tail.

Construction Paper Turkey Handprint Craft by The Soccer Mom Blog

Preschoolers take great pride in gifting crafts to their parents! This is another handprint craft, but this one is designed to be a kid-made card for parents. 

Paper Plate Turkey Hand Craft by Mommy Evolution

Continuing with handprints, this one is a further exploration of household items coming together to make a turkey. Gobble gobble!

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft by Mom Brite

Pull out the good old TP roll (or cut paper towel rolls down to size) to make a fun Turkey centerpiece. The cool thing about turkeys is that simple shapes really come together to make them!

Pompom Thanksgiving Turkey Craft by Moms and Crafters

It's so easy to make this adorable pompom Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids! It can be used as a toy, a napkin ring, a centerpiece, and other fun ideas. Love the DIY pom pom - I need to do it this autumn.

Another simple Thanksgiving idea, this one uses “cozy” materials – a favorite among my preschoolers. Super Saver yarn is used to make a pom pom. Add googly eyes and a stacked semicircle tail for a fun little playable turkey. Kids over age three (the googly eyes are a choking hazard) can have fun snuggling with it! 

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Puppets by Kids Craft Room

Why another puppet you ask? Pretend play is a hallmark of preschool-hood and any flat craft can be used to encourage it! This handprint turkey has a fun little twist. 

Cotton Ball Painted Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Craft by Mom Brite

Young kids do well exploring different methods of creating art. This painted paper plate turkey uses cotton balls to paint, adding an additional sensory element. Plus, they’re so cheap!

Turkey Fine Motor Activity and Craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning

I love how simply creative and three dimensional this Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers is. And it’s all without getting too complicated! Plus, you know that a fine motor craft is always a win by me. This has got to be one of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers on the list, from one of my favorite kids’ activity bloggers.

Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Craft by Homeschool Preschool

Take things to the next level with 3D paper crafting. But bring it down to a preschool level by using very simple concepts to make it 3D. Check out how this craft accomplishes that!

Torn Paper Turkey Craft by Non Toy Gifts

This final turkey craft, a super simple fine motor craft, appeals to the fact that preschoolers are really just bigger toddlers: tear paper. And yes, tearing bits of paper is fabulous fine motor play so go for it and go all out! They can also sort colors and build more preschool skills this way. 

Fall Themed Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers

Thanksgiving is fall and fall is Thanksgiving. Even though there are other holidays that come out in Fall, seasonally Fall is all about the harvest. Celebrate with crafts that turn fall produce into a central part of Thanksgiving, or with fall-themed decorations and activities. 

These are amazing for families that don’t appreciate the centrality of turkeys in their celebrations, or who are vegan. 

Fall Suncatchers: Apple, Acorn, Pumpkin by Crafts by Amanda

This is actually a really cool craft for toddlers in addition to being a fun set of Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers. Make one or make all. A’s made similar suncatcher crafts younger than the age of two and really enjoyed doing so!

If you like to set a gorgeous but kid-friendly Thanksgiving table, have them get involved in the process! This fall cookie cutter process art is turned into placemats. I love the idea of taking kids’ art and turning it into a really cool functional table decoration!

Corn craft by Moms and Crafters

Growing up in an area that was surrounded by corn farms, I just love this nostalgic corn craft! What a super fun way to celebrate the harvest season, using something that is so easy to come by and fun to create with: craft sticks

Scratch art fall leaves by Moms and Crafters

Make this beautiful scratch art fall leaf craft - a beautiful and easy autumn paper craft for kids! Includes a free printable template.

What a brilliant way to decorate! Use crayons and acrylic paint to make scratch art. Kids can participate from beginning to end – or just give it to them as prepared scratch art. 

More Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s get to the core of the matter with these thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers: gratitude! This valuable lesson is so often left out of the crafting and teaching process with Thanksgiving. Then go on to the other crafts in this final section to diversify your Thanksgiving craft repertoire.

I Am Thankful Spinner by Non Toy Gifts

Illustrate all the things you’re thankful for in this fun craft. This can be presented as a thank you card for parents, or just enjoyed as a way to appreciate the many blessings in our abundant lives. I think I should  make one too…

Thanksgiving Painted Rocks by The Inspiration Edit

Paint rocks in Thanksgiving themes! While this can be painted freeform by preschoolers, adults can also illustrate them in advance. Take it a step further and paint them as “thankful rocks” instead, featuring images of things the kids are thankful for. When they’re feeling a bit down, they can then pull them out as a tangible reminder of the things that are going right. 

Craft Stick Thanksgiving Craft by The Inspiration Edit

More of a parent-made toy for kids, these little puzzles can be displayed in cups on the Thanksgiving table for kids to play with. This might keep them at the table a few extra minutes, making Grandma happy!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers? Comment below!

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